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By Galen Earl Murdock on 8/22/2011 9:01 AM

Rally is holding an interesting webinar tomorrow (Aug 23) on Agile for Project Management Professionals.  Among the interesting topics are:
  • How do traditional roles change: PMP, BA, Architect, QA, Dev Team?
  • How do I work with highly distributed, offshore teams?
  • How do I ensure that governance and regulatory mandates are met?
  • How do I report progress to my stakeholders?
  • How can I get started with low risk and high payback?
Register at
See/join the conversation at


By Robert May on 8/19/2011 1:16 PM
Recently, I gave a presentation on Flow at Agile Executives.  It was a fun meeting and a fun topic and lead to several realizations on my part.  First, when Alistair Cockburn is in the audience, I get a bit nervous.  Second, Lean and Agile aren’t incompatible, they’re complimentary.  Let me explain.

The Sterility of Lean Lean tends to think of people as nothing more than metrics.  Cogs in the grand scheme of things.  Little focus is placed on the human aspect of software development when talking about lean.  My opinion is that lean is structured that way because lean is typically looking at widgets flowing through a system of machines to build a machine that a human uses.  Cars are a great example.

Software development, instead, focuses on functionality for humans moving through humans to be displayed by machines.  In other words, software development is more human than what lean typically deals with.

Agile:  A Human Face on Lean When you put Agile into the mix with lean,...
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